Remarkable qualities of our innovative sanders

  • All machines are random orbital and take offshelf 150mm or 125mm hook & loop discs (no holes recommended).
  • All machines operate on the Quick Grit Change System which allows management of grit and the changeover of 4 discs at once by changing accessory pads rather than grit.
  • Exporting worldwide one can be assured that Surcare Products are high quality, low maintenance, precision engineered, performance orientated tools.

The SMF-Series of machines have revolutionised the finishing process around the globe.

  • Increase Production-Decrease Costs
  • Increase Competitiveness-Decrease Finishing Times
  • Increase Workplace Morale-Decrease Labour Intensity

Factors that are considered in the design and manufacture of Surcare machines include:

  • Ergonomics: Designed to take the labour intensity out of the finishing process
  • Performance: Achieves results, capable of bulk removal or fine finishing. Provides a flat, even, predictable finish.
  • Affordability: For the time saved in the finishing process the investment is repaid quickly. Can you afford not to have a Surcare machine in your workshop or on site?
  • Time Management: Reduces finishing time. Covers a large area utilising 4 abrasive discs at once.
  • Dust Extraction: A high quality unique system of dust extraction that enables excess dust and fine material to be transported to a sealed waste site.
  • Built In Safety Features: Surcare machines have a large stop/reset button and Solid State Run Switching which prevents machines from restarting automatically after power failures. Machines must be manually restarted. Surcare machines also feature strong rubber handle grips.