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A list of our most Frequently Asked Questions

Why must I use genuine Surcare Accessory Pads on Surcare SMF-Series of machines?

Accessory Pads other than genuine Surcare Accessory Pads are not specifically designed for Surcare products. Genuine Surcare clover shaped accessory pads are designed with the whole unit in mind and thus have been manufactured to achieve the best results whilst keeping the work surface cool and directing the collection of debris into the specially made shroud then into vacuum unit or dust extraction unit. The design of a genuine Surcare accessory pad allows for the debris to travel between the discs to be collected by the shroud, and to keep the work surface and pad cool.

Donut shaped pads are not supported by a center peg which stabilizes the accessory pad and will not pick up the debris formed in the process of finishing, leading to a collection of material in the centre of the donut and pooling of debris on the work surface, and finally results in both the pad and the work surface getting too hot. This also results in the PVC Drive Plate overheating and eventually loosening the alloy pegs on the Drive Plate.

Please note that unauthorised use of non-Surcare parts on a Surcare machine will void the Warranty given on these machines.

What applications can the Surcare Series of machines be utilised on?

Applications include: Solid surface, timber, veneer, metals including spray on metals, marble, laminated surfaces, two pack, fibreglass, application of oils, polishing, sanding between coats and more.

What are the specifications of the Surcare SMF-200 Sander & Microfinisher?

  • Weight: 20Kgs
  • Height: 420mm
  • Voltage: Available in 240 Volt (50Hz) and 110 Volt (60Hz)
  • Horsepower: (0.55Kw) 3/4 HP
  • RPM: 1450 for 240 Volt, 1750 for 110 Volt
  • Orbit Stroke Size: 19mm (3/4")
  • Central Vac Ready: Yes
  • Brushless Motor
  • Discs: 4 x 150mm (6") discs-uses off shelf abrasive discs, no holes recommended.

What are the specifications of the SMF-V4?

  • Weight:12kgs
  • Height:320mm
  • Voltage available in 240V (50Hz) & 110V (60Hz)
  • Horsepower: 0.375Kw (1/2HP)
  • RPM: 2800 for 240 Volt, 3400 for 110 Volt
  • Orbit Stroke size:6mm
  • Central Vac Ready: Yes
  • Brushless Motor
  • Discs: 4 x 125mm (4 x 5") hook & loop discs (no holes recommended) 13" overall.
  • A 600mm extension handle is available.
  • Unlike the SMF-TETRAD there is no solid state switching.


What industries are Surcare machines suitable for?

Building industry, furniture manufacturers (indoor & outdoor), kitchen manufacturers, cabinetmakers, joiners, metal polishers and many others.

What models are available?

Surcare Australia has 2models available  within the SMF-Series of sanding and micro finishing machines.

The SMF-200 and the SMF-V4

All machines are random orbital and take off shelf 150mm or 125mm hook & loop discs (no holes recommended).

All machines operate on the Quick Grit Change System which allows management of grit and the changeover of 4 discs at once by changing accessory pad rather then grit.

See individual entries for specifications of models.

What were the factors considered when designing and manufacturing Surcare machines?

Factors considered included:

  • ERGONOMICS - Designed to taker the labour intensity out of the finishing process.
  • PERFORMANCE - Achieves results, capable of bulk removal or fine finishing. Provides a flat even predictable finish.
  • AFFORDABILITY - For the time saved in the finishing process, the investment is repaid quickly. Can you affiord not to have a Surcare machine in your workshop or on site?
  • TIME MANAGEMENT - Reduces finishing time. Covers a large area utilising 4 abrasive discs at once.
  • DUST EXTRACTION - A high quality unique system of dust extraction that enables excess dust and fine material to be transported to a sealed waste site.

Where does the name Surcare come from?

'Surcare' is short for Surface Care.

Are the Surcare SMF-Series of Sanders & Microfinishers Random Orbital?

Yes. The Surcare SMF-Series of Sanders & Microfinishers are all Random Orbital multidisc sanders

What is the minimum width of material to be finished?

Surcare Australia recommends no less than 250mm wide for the SMF-200 and no less than 200mm wide for the SMF-V4.

However that said, several pieces can be clamped together for example and sanded as one piece

Can the Surcare SMF Sander & Microfinisher series of machines operate on vertical surfaces?

The Surcare SMF-200 Sander & Microfinisher was designed for horizontal surfaces.

What type of abrasive discs do the Surcare SMF-Series take?

The Surcare SMF-Series Sanding & Microfinishing machines take either 4 x 150mm (6") discs (for the SMF-200), or 4 x 125mm (5") discs for the SMF-V4 and operates on a hook & loop system. 150mm (6") abrasive discs and 125mm (5") abrasive discs are available off shelf. The material to be finished (solid surface, timber, metals etc) will determine the abrasives to be utilised. If utilising Trizact for example, which does not operate on a hook & loop system, one just utilises an interface pad, placed between the accessory pad and the abrasive disc. Interface pads are available through abrasive suppliers. No holes recommended in discs.

Do the 4 x 150mm (6") discs or 4 x 125mm (5") discs spin individually?

No. The accessory pad that houses either the 4 x 150mm (6") discs or 4 x 125mm (5") discs spins in a random orbit.

What is the Quick Grit Change System?

The Quick Grit Change System is a system that allows the operator to change 4 discs simultaneously by removal of one accessory pad to be replaced with another accessory pad.

Each accessory pad houses 4 x 150mm (6") discs or 4 x 125mm (5") discs.

The operator can either utilise the same accessory pad and remove the 4 abrasive discs of one grade grit to be replaced with another 4 abrasive discs of a different grade grit or he can remove the accessory pad that houses one grade grit to be replaced with another accessory pad that houses a different grade grit.

Accessory pads can then be stored with a certain grade abrasive grit..

What is the difference between an Nieva Accessory Pad and an Eneva Accessory Pad?

Nieva Accessory Pads are closed cell, more rigid pads and are utilised for bulk removal, levelling surfaces and joins.

Eneva Accessory Pads are open celled, more flexible pads and are utilised for microfinishing, that is getting the finish you require.

How often do Accessory Pads need to be replaced?

It is debateable as to when Accessory Pads need replacing. It depends on how often one is utilising the machine and the work performed. Certainly with time the Accessory Pad will deteriorate and will need to be replaced. Over time the cells within the pad will break and the finish required will not be achieved as efficiently. If you notice that it is taking longer than it has in the past to achieve the same finish then it may be time to order more pads.

When not in use, how do I store a Surcare SMF-Series Sander & Microfinisher?

The Surcare SMF-Series of Sanders and Microfinishers can be stored in either 2 ways.

Either the machine is left resting on the euythane handles on its side, or it can be stored in an upright position.

If the machine is left in an upright position, accessory pads should not be left underneath the machine but hung up and stored.

Where are the Surcare SMF-Series of Sander & Microfinishers made?

The Surcare Series of machines are made and assembled in Australia.

Which countries are utilising Surcare SMF Sanders & Microfinishers?

Surcare SMF Sanders & Microfinishers are being utilised in the following countries:

  • Australia
  • Canada
  • France
  • Germany
  • Greece
  • Hungary
  • Ireland
  • Italy
  • Japan
  • Kingdom Saudi Arabia
  • Lebanon
  • New Caladonia
  • New Zealand
  • Norfolk Island
  • Papua New Guinea
  • Solomon Islands
  • South Africa
  • South Korea
  • Sweden
  • Switerland
  • UK
  • USA

Testimonials: What Do the Fabricators Say?

"Yo G'day Jim, You may remember our emails back and forth re sanding a large area of coated cork floor. I bought a sander from you in the hope that it would solve this problem. Well, the news is that I found the Surcare sander to be just the tool!! It showed no signs or inclination to break through or gouge the cork, and did a beautiful job of the sanding. I can tell you I was delighted with the sander. It made the job seem easy. And this is despite the fact that I couldn't find a floor-sanding tradesman willing to do the job, all saying cork was too tricky for them to tackle and the problems the job would throw up too risky. Obviously they haven't got a Surcare sander in their tool-kit!!"
— Robert Wylie, Victoria, Australia

"Hi there, you may recall that I was fortunate enough to get one of your sanders on Ebay at a ridiculously low price. I have wanted one for years but couldn't afford it. Thank you for sending through the extra pads I ordered, makes it so easy to change grits of discs. I have just finished a solid mahogany table top using your Surcare sander. What a masterpiece the machine is. 3 solid hours of sanding reduced to 10 minutes and as flat as a billiards table, smooth as a babys bum and a dream to polish after sanding. The BEST, no the VERY BEST there is. Thank you for producing such a fantastic machine. With hindsight, had I bought the sander years ago when I first saw them, I'm sure it would have paid for itself over and over countless times. If you need a recommendation for any doubtful Thomas's out there, feel free to give them ny number. I couldn't sing your praises and your Surcare sander too highly. Best wishes for what I imagine will be a very sound and successful future."
— Andrew Alstin, Hamilton, Victoria, Australia

"Hi there, I am just dropping a line to make a comment on the Surcare sander which I just purchased and used. My name is Nao Matsumoto and I am a custom furniture designer and fabricator. I make and have made numerous commissions and custom orders for various residences and clients. I really needed a solution to sand the rough sawn surfaces of lumber. Most of my work consists of slabs of wood that are used as tabletops etc. Usually the slabs come from the sawmill with mill marks and bandsaw marks. I always had a hell of a time planing and sanding the surfaces, trying to make them flat. I just used the Surcare sander (the 200 model) yesterday and it was revolutionary. Amazing machine, it cut the sanding time to a fraction and the quality was way better than before. I was a little skeptical of this machine at first. I had never heard of it and on top of it Australian tools?!?! I expected a pouch on it until I opened the box. Machine is built like a tank, easy to use and maintain and the looks great. I am so glad that it worked as advertised and will probably buy another unit to speed up production. Sales people at Specialtytools were cool and knew what they were talking about. Thank you for a fantastic tool. Two thumbs up to your sanders!!Hey, I just finished a table and the Surcare sander played a key role for this job. This is a 16ft slab of English Elm that is 4 inches thick. It was too heavy and big to fit in a wide belt sander. The Surcare sander was a breeze to use and was really quick in sanding out the mill marks from the saw mill. I love your product and I will recommend it to everyone who is in this business."
— Nao Matsumoto, Brooklyn, NY

"We have recently acquired an SMF Microfinisher. Congratulations to you for developing this quite nicely made machine. We build top-end corporate furniture, mainly large-scale conference tables and the like. Sanding has always been a challenge in terms of time spent and quality of surface. Your sander has easily sped up our time and decreased the effort of sanding very large and delicate veneered surfaces. I think all here appreciate it, (even the very sceptical). So much so that only after a week it seems likely we are going to get another really soon. So, Thank You for reinventing the R.O. sander."
— Ralph Waddell-Wall Goldfinger, Northfield, Vermont, USA

"I just wanted to write to let you know how very pleased we are with the sander we bought from you about a year ago. We are using it here in Costa Rica primarily to sand large slabs of wood (1m x 2-5m) which have been cut from timbers with a chain saw mill. It does a wonderful job, leaving the surface much smoother and flatter than we had been able to achieve prior to the purchase and all in a fraction of the time. I should also mention its simplicity and ease of operation. From time to time I have new men operating the machine, and it is literally only a matter of minutes before "they get the hang of it" and are using the sander like a pro... there is no doubt in my mind whatsoever that the machine has easily paid for itself. P.S. One day the new wood floor on the local church was due to be sanded, but the contractor and his drum sander did not show up. The elders began to panic because the floor was supposed to be finished for services on the weekend. A friend whose uncle is a member of that group recalled me talking about the sander and called to borrow it. By the afternoon he returned it with a big smile. His comment, "my uncle is a tough man to please, but he was sure impressed with this machine."
— Carl Eidsness, Tropical Woods & Furniture, Costa Rica

"I've found the Microfinisher has made my workers much more productive, and because the work intensity is much lower, the workers don't fatigue as quickly as they would with a regular orbital sander... with the time the Surcare sander saved us, the investment was repaid very quickly"
— Dave Curtis - Davlyn Solid Surfaces, South Australia, Australia

"...has become a necessary piece of equipment"
— Graham Reynolds - Marblo Products Pty Ltd, Morley, Western Australia, Australia

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